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Renato Paulic

Renato Paulic


Renato, a proud Canadian citizen, was born and trained as a Tool Maker in Maribor, Slovenia. With his desire to explore the world he decided to emigrate to Australia in 1968. It was in Australia that he began to really learn his trade of Mold Making.

Over the next seven years,he worked with Diecraft Australia, a division of Tupperware Company International, British Plastics, a large molding operation making household plastic products and Fisher Tool and Die Company Mold Maker supplying injection molds to the Australian Automotive Industry, GM Holden and Chrysler.

Having always wanted to live in BC, Canada he decided to travel again and successfully immigrated to Maple Ridge, BC in 1976.

After working in the local Mold Making industry for three years he purchased a small one person Tool Room in Vancouver. This was PH Molds.

From his days in Marine school in Piran, Renato has never lost his love for the ocean. When he is not spending time with family, playing golf, or caring for his gardens, he will take every opportunity to get back to the ocean to enjoy some scuba diving and fishing. A passion both he and his son enjoy.

Our History. Our Story.

In February of 1979, Renato Paulic joined a small one-man Tool and Die shop in Vancouver, BC. This was PH Molds. Within a few months, Renato negotiated to purchase the company. He incorporated it and PH Molds Limited begins. With Renato’s drive and experience in injection mold manufacturing, we go from a small Tool Maker specializing in packaging molds to a full-service technical manufacturer of plastic products.

  • PH Molds incorporates. Finding a high demand for packaging molds, we begin specializing in the manufacturing of blow molds for the packaging industry.  Within a year we grew to a staff of five Tool Makers.

  • With Renato’s significant experience in injection mold manufacturing, he begins branching out and started producing injection molds. It was during this time that he began exploring the idea of expanding PH Molds to take on injection molding.

  • Having built many molds, Renato developed a strong relationship with a large local blow molder. While working with this blow molder, a honey packager came to them looking for a new idea for packing honey.  This lead to one of the first Honey Bear blow molds ever seen on the market and this mold was built by Renato!

    Here was the opportunity needed to allow PH Molds to make the jump to injection molding. PH Molds bought its first small 28 ton Engel machine, built a Honey Bear Cap mold, began producing Honey Bear Caps and launched itself into the injection molding business!

  • Requiring a larger space for mold manufacturing and needing a dedicated space for more injection molding PH Molds moved to a much larger 4,000 square foot facility in Maple Ridge, BC, a suburb of Vancouver.

    PH Molds finds its strength in the market with injection molding. Plastics manufacturing quickly became our primary business.

  • It was during this time that Renato began seeing global competitiveness with countries like China. With the experiences gained over his career, he began working more with customers who required more technical support in the development of their products and higher quality plastics manufacturing. PH began taking on more engineering projects of complex assemblies.

    A major product developed by PH Molds along with one of our oldest customers, Homax Corporation, was reviewed by Popular science as the first marketable functional Power Painter Roller for the retail market.

  • With increasing requirements in both mold manufacturing and injection molding, PH Molds built a 24,000 square foot facility in Pitt Meadows, BC where we are currently located.

  • As a part of our long-term succession planning, Mat, Renato’s son,  joins PH Molds as a Molder to learn injection molding processing after completion of his Control Systems Technology Diploma. To further gain valuable experience, Mat leaves to join Engels’ Service Training program in Ontario after a year as a molder.

  • PH Molds further expands by adding a 6,200 square foot warehouse onto the building to accommodate the growing plastics business.

  • PH Molds develops a strong relationship with Richards Packaging which leads to the forming a partnership for the manufacturing of single stage injection stretch blow PET containers. Richards adds an Aoki machine to PH Molds production floor and runs it exclusively for Richards.

  • Mat decides it is time to leave his engineering career with Engel and join the family business with a plan of succession for taking over the reins.

  • An additional 5,200 square foot warehouse was added to accommodate demands. PH Molds continues developing its reputation as a technical molder through further growth of plastics production, increasing use of engineering resins and involvement with complex products.

  • PH Molds continues its growth by adding value-added service for assembly.

  • PH Molds further expands it assembly value-added services with the creation of an assembly department to support the growing needs of its customers.

  • In response to the needs of our customers and increasing global competitiveness, we travel to China to visit and select a mold-making partner for lower cost molds. Having visited over twenty molders we successfully secure a quality Asian tool maker.

    PH Molds now builds molds in-house, as well as with our domestic and Asian mold-making suppliers.

  • Continuously looking for better opportunities PH travels to India in search of Tool Rooms. After an exhaustive and interesting trip, we decide to continue working with our Asian Tool Maker.

  • PH Molds expands its value-added services by adding its first pad printing machine.

  • With the ongoing growth of value-added services, PH Molds converts a portion of the warehouse to a two floor dedicated 3,600 square foot area for our pad printing and assembly.

    We travel again to China and now Taiwan to evaluate a possible source of higher quality Tool Making suppliers.  After a successful trip, we decide to begin working with a new supplier in Shenzhen, China.

  • Alenka Middleton, Renato’s daughter, joins the company as Vice President & CFO after a twenty year career in finance and leadership.

  • Today, PH Molds operates in our 37,000 square foot facility with Renato’s son, Matjaz Paulic, as President and CEO.

    Many of PH Molds’ committed employees have been with the company long enough to share in its ongoing growth and the changes that have occurred over the years.

    PH Molds is proud to deliver high-quality service with technical expertise, prompt product completion and competitive prices to customers in Metro Vancouver, British Columbia and worldwide.