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Technical Excellence & Innovation

We built our strong reputation in the plastic injection molding industry by taking on technically challenging projects to manufacture high-quality parts and products.

The technical experts at PH Molds provide assistance throughout the production process and recommend cost-effective solutions that will save time and money.

Many of our customers choose PH Molds time and time again for consistent quality and reliable service.


Our expertise, paired with honest, respectful and trustworthy service, has made us a key player and a leader in the plastic injection molding industry. We continue a long tradition of depth of knowledge and integrity, in a unique combination of service and technical excellence.

Matjaz Paulic

Matjaz Paulic

President & CEO

With the family business in plastic product manufacturing,  Matjaz ‘Mat’ Paulic, was molded for a career in the plastics industry.

After completing his instrumentation technology diploma at BCIT, Mat started his career in plastics in 1989 with his first job working for Engel, a global leader in injection molding machine manufacturing. Mat started his 13-year career with Engel by completing their two-year service training program. He then went on as a control systems programmer, group leader of controls software, Engineering-Sales liaison and also worked in research and development.

Mat has extensive hands-on experience in process control systems, instrumentation, injection molding machine manufacturing, injection molding machine software, injection molding processing, automation systems, advanced plastics processing, manufacturing and assembly, part design and mold design.

He believes PH’s largest assets are the hard-working people of PH Molds. It is the collective team that makes PH Molds what it is and enables the company to provide its customers with quality products and services.

Dinesh Naidu

Dinesh Naidu

Plant Manager

Dinesh has spent his professional career working in the plastics industry.

He started in the plastics industry as a setup technician working for a large blow molding company in 1998. Dinesh gained experience there for two years. When offered the opportunity to become a Tool and Die Maker through an apprenticeship program with PH Molds, he jumped at the opening and successfully completed the five-year program.

Having seen his skills, abilities and passion for learning, PH offered him a position as their Production Manager, which he accepted. His passion for troubleshooting and problem solving made him an ideal candidate for this position. In 2010, his success and commitment led him to be promoted to Plant Manager of PH Molds.

Gord Menzies

Gord Menzies

Designer & Mold Maker

With over 36 years of mold making experience, Gord is an integral part of the mold making process and the team at PH Molds.

Gord began with PH Molds as an apprentice in 1980. He had a strong aptitude, and a few years after completing his apprenticeship, he began drafting designs for blow molds in 2D. Always pushing himself further, Gord began moving from the drafting table to 2D computer designs with Autocad. It was Gord who brought 3D surfacing to PH Molds by learning Cadkey originally in 1995. In 1998, SolidWorks and full 3D modelling were introduced to PH Molds. Today, PH Molds model all part and full mold designs in 3D.

Being enthusiastic about his trade and self-motivated, Gord often spends weeknights learning about new technologies for his trade and taking courses in 3D modelling/surfacing, Mastercam, SolidWorks, mold design, plastics materials and GD&T geometric tolerancing. He continues to learn new skills today.