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Lighting Upgrade for a Greener Future

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PH Molds has always been energy conscious and understands the need to be environmentally responsible. Regular assessments & reviews are done to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment & help do our part for a greener future.

Recently, with assistance from BC Hydro’s Product Incentive Program, we undertook a new green initiative to upgrade our older lighting systems with newer eco-friendly alternatives. PH changed all production lighting from 1000w metal halide bulbs to T5 30w bulbs, all office lights from T12 to T8 and all exit lighting to LED’s.

The lighting upgrade at PH Molds has saved approximately $7,200 per year in energy costs and, in green-terms, reduced our carbon footprint by the equivalent of 61.4 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions. PH will continue to improve and upgrade our systems as we strive for continual improvement in efficiency, cost-saving alternatives & environmental awareness.